Saturday, March 14, 2009

Learning how to sell online

A lot of my postings on this site are for equipment or devices that make our lives easier. On this occasion I want to recommend a set of eBooks produced by my partner Leah DeGuzman. Leah has been involved in online product marketing for almost 10 years. These days if you are building a business, you are likely wondering how to sell your products or services online.
Leah has written a guide to help people to develop a cost-effective web presence. She has a number of staff in the Philippines who develop the sites for you, which helps to keep your costs down. She can also provide support for you if you want to set up a site, but we recommend you spare yourself the hassle and restrict your effort to website design input, since most people want to offer some direction.

Leah is also working on a second book which will teach you how to improve the search rankings of your website. Its not enough to post articles, you actually have to spend some time promiting your site. We offer suggestions on how you can do that, or once again, she has people working for her that can do it for you if you want to give priority to other activities.

Sites That Sell - Buy this eBook!

We all learn at our own pace. Some of us were fortune to learn in a family or company certain skills from a very young age, so we developed them like a 2nd skin. Others have to learn those skills later or risk falling behind. Sometimes those skill-deficiencies stop us from achieving what we want. In effect they act as barriers holding us back. What we need are tools to help us jump over such hurdles.
If you are considering setting up your own business, then in all likelihood you will be seeking to establish a website to sell your products & services. If you would like to know how to set up an impressive sales-orientated on!

Sites that Sell! View the table of contents or buy this eBook at our online store for just $US19.95.

Andrew Sheldon

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