Thursday, December 03, 2009

Which netbook to buy? Product comparison & review

I am always interested in the latest netbooks so when I see a review like this one from Time, I take an interest. I broadly agree with their top three choices. I ended up buying the Toshiba NB200/2005. I did not like the keyboard when I bought it, but I am slowly getting used to it. The problem with these smaller netbooks is that its easy to knock them, so you trigger a HDD protection feature. I think if you don't need to upgrade yet, then you will be better off waiting for the next generation of netbooks which I suspect will be better in several ways:
1. Offering globally integrated, seamless telecommunications - whether through Skype or Google.
2. Offering a solid state, high capacity hard drive for better data protection and far longer battery use, say 15-20 hours.
3. Offering better sound & cameras
4. Better keyboard design and USB locations
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