Friday, February 13, 2009

Online maps of the world

Need maps of the world for your cell phone, smartphone or just a paper copy you can print off the internet. Then take a look at this online street map. The problem of course in some countries is that the data coverage is poor, but since increasingly more people have GPS devices, the data will grow through collaboration. Of course probably the best source of data is Google Maps for the time being.
If you decide to get a dedicated GPS device I would get a Garmin Etrex Cx. If you want this feature on your cell phone, then I'd wait for the Nokia E61 to be updated. If you are Asian or a women with small fingers, you might be able to cope with the Nokia E71. Personally I would wait for the next phone in this series which will likely have more capacities, including stand-alone GPS tracking features when you are on cell towers, or satellite tracking when you are off cell towers. My belief is that in a few years the device will use both data sources simultaneously for a far more harmonious experience.
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