Friday, October 30, 2009

Toshiba NB200 netbook review

I am always on the lookout for new computer devices that allow me to work more efficiently. Of course we like to buy cheap as well, but most of all we need basic functuality and good design. Having just purchased a Toshiba NB200 over the internet for just $NZ610, I'd have to say you get what you pay for. The problems I find with this computer are:
1. The keyboard design is shockingly bad. The 'Alt' key is too small. Better to have one big one than two small ones. The backspace key just doesn't sit right with me. I always seem to be hitting the wrong one '\'. The feel of the keyboard is terrible too, though I do manage to get a few letters out before I stumble. My fingers seem to slide too easily over the keys. Unlike some Sony models, the keys are not 'rimmed' to give some traction on keys.
2. The arrangement of USB ports is bad. I was not happy having three of these right up the front sides of the computer. I want them at the back.
3. The hard disk protection utility appears too sensitive. Just placing a USB memory stick in the computer is enough to start the utility.
The computer has decent HDD space of 160Gb, reasonable memory of 1Gb considering its running Windows Xp. It was a special deal so I got a free 6-cell battery, so I get plenty of battery life. The screen is fine. I might yet grow to like this computer, but I just cannot see myself getting used to it. It seems probable that the unit was discounted because its running the old Win Xp operating system. Or have reviews been poor? I think it must have been a sentimental purchase for me because I really loved my Toshiba Libereto I bought 15 years ago. I would be using that computer today if it could be upgraded.
The other computer we looked at was the Sony W series. We were interested in a solid state hard drive, though I must say I was not overly pleased with its design either. A 5-star computer remains elusive.
Andrew Sheldon
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