Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Asus-Garmin designed Nuvifone A50 review

Here is an interesting development in smartphones - a partnership between Asus and Garmin. This phone would find a market with the outdoor enthusiast if it was more durable. At the moment I am clinging on to my Nokia E61i, waiting for the next well designed phone. Sadly Nokia disappointed with the Nokia E71. I even warned them that consumers would have a problem with ever-smaller keypads. Anyway, they didn't listen, so I'm looking for a new supplier.

The problem with the Asus-Garmin designed Nuvifone A50 is that its short of one important spec - its kind of an outdoors phone, but its built to never leave the car. Herein lies the problem. This phone ought to be waterproof to 10metres and more durable , much like Garmin's range of GPS devices, so I could take it anywhere. Anyway, I'll keep waiting. It wouldn't take me much to desert the Windows Operating System, as I'm already off it for mobile communications. Hard to live without excel and Word though.
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