Sunday, November 11, 2007

Great software tools

I was reinstalling my HDD today after contracting a virus. In my infinite wisdom I had concluded that viruses were a thing of the past since Microsoft had now patched up its operating system. Little did I know the new way malicious viruses were being spread – through PDA devices, cell phones, smartphones, etc. I was on a bus in Manila on my way to the airport when someone called ‘Susan’ was sending me a message on Bluetooth to my smartphone. What seemed like innocent fun turned into a virus attacking my HDD the next time I synchronized my files with my computer. So beware! In that different context, I was not expecting a virus. Anyway, here is a list of my software tools:
1. Anti-Virus Software: There are several, though its best to opt for a good one which is free:
a. Avasta – see
b. AVG – see or
c. TrendMicro – free online scan
2. Bourse Data – see for ASX (Australia) charting software
3. Windows Xp – I’m not installing Vista – waiting for a better version of Linux
4. MS Office – any version in the last 5 years is good enough
5. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0: Source - free software to read proprietary PDF files.
6. Google Products: They have some useful products:
a. Gtalk: This is VOIP software for peer-2-peer chat for free – source:
b. Gmaps: this is for viewing satellite and street maps from the internet. Source: for Symbion OS on your smartphone.
7. CMC Markets: They have software for trading stocks, forex, commodities if you are a member. Source:
8. IMG2GPS: This software allows you to upload IMG-format maps into your GPS. Source:
9. Global Mapper 7: This software to view, merge, import and export a large variety of vector, raster, and elevation data sets. Source: - free trial version.
10. PTgui 6.0.3: This program lets you stitch raster maps together. Trial software. Source:
11. Mapsource: This software came with my Garmin GPS device. Not sure if its freeware? Maybe $30 download?
12. Oziexplorer 3.95.4N: This software is considered one of the better products, allowing you to overlay your waypoints from a GPS to raster (BMP) file, create & edit the waypoints & tracks, and then to upload them to your GPS. See
13. Magictracer 2.0: This software offers raster to vector conversion. Map conversions are generally not good if you are using shaded maps. Pen outline maps will be easy though as it easily detects lines. Variants might give you an outline. Source:
14. Regional Maps: This vector and raster maps are available. Vector maps can be uploaded to your GPS if they are in the right format, so use the software suggested herein.
a. Japan maps: This info is coming?? (vector maps)
b. Australia maps: This info is coming?? (raster maps)
c. USA Maps: This info is coming?? (raster maps)
d. Canada Maps: This info is coming?? (raster maps)
e. Philippines Maps: This info is coming?? (raster maps)

f. New Zealand: This information is coming?? (vector maps)
15. Mapedit 2.42: This software allows you to create maps – see

Here are some more links:

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