Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Sounds of Silence

Alot of people appreciate the sounds of nature, classical music, even background rock n roll, some even the sounds of silence. There is something for everyone, and today an every growing array of devices to play your favourite music. I have gathered a list of my favourites:
1. Sounds of nature: This website www.soundsleeping.com allows you to mix and play a range of natural sounds from your computer. I often play it from a background tab while I am working from my computer. This resource is free, but there are other websites where you can download sounds to play off your own device, whether you want to edit or play them.
2. Opera: Anything with Pucini is my taste. Its noteworthy that whilst we are in the habit of buying such music from music stores, any music more than 72 years past the death of the composer is free to copy since the copyright has expired. As far as I'm aware. But I guess everyone is doing their own recordings. Not sure where the copyright laws stand on such compilations.
3. Soft rock: There is a range of nice sounds I like, eg. Dire Straits, Seal, Cranberries and Hikaru Utada.
4. Classical music: Nahhh.

I find it helpful to play music whilst I am working, and that the right music at the right time or with the right task can make a difference.

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